After watching tutorials, should I start a project from scratch?

So I’ve watched the tutorials “Roll a Ball” and “Survival Shooter” and now I’m kind confused about what’s the best thing to do. Should I start a project from scratch or open one of these tutorials projects and start create anything from there?

First, make up a game design for a very simple idea and then program it from scratch. It doesn’t need to have spectacular artwork, you can use primitives even or stuff from the asset store if you can afford it. The idea is to learn the game development process from start to finish and gather knowledge along the way. You will constantly get stuck and that’s the point, just look up each individual problem as it arises and pretty soon you’ll find yourself needing to look up problems less and less. Then when you have a few very basic games under your belt you can start planning on something more complex that builds off the framework you already have.