AI: NavMesh workflow in unity 5.4 it is Useful in case of planets Pathfinding or not?

AI: NavMesh workflow and bake API

  • Workflow: the workflow is now based on components

  • NavMesh Surface component describes a volume where the navmesh will be build, you can have multiple volumes, in any orientation

  • NavMesh Portal is a new component which allows to connect two NavMeshes with a wide link

  • NavMesh Modifier allows to change the area type of the NavMesh which falls inside the volume

  • NavMesh Markup allows fine grained control of area types per Game Object, replaces static flags

  • Bake API: everything above is built on top of a simple API which allows you to pass in the geometry that will contribute to the NavMesh building method to quickly collect render or physics geometry

Pathfinding in a spherical world?