AI pathfinding

I had a question about implementation of AI pathfinding in Unity. Basically I have a game with an enemy that roams until it see’s the player then enters attack move and charges the player and attacks him. I can get him to do that, however, the issue is the enemy goes through walls and I want him to avoid the walls, so I need a pathfinding implementation. I read through many tutorials and forums and know I need an A* (or S*) algorithm, I understand it, but I am having issues implementing it in Unity, and I still don’t fully understand. Mainly with creating the open list for the possible path to move too and having the enemy follow and do that path. If I could have some help in knowing how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your help ahead of time.

Given your apparent knowledge and skill level i would strongly suggest you use Unity’s built in pathfinding.

You could also take a lok at the free version of Aron Granberg’s Astar Pathfinding Project, available on the asset store. It has lots of sample scripts and scenes and supports different graph types as well as modifers.