Ai pathing through a maze

I was wondering if anyone knows the best way to path an enemy through a maze to find the player. I can easily make the enemies walk towards the character when in range but they will get caught up against the walls. Any way to draw a path leading the shortest distance through the maze to the character that the enemy can follow?

the simplest is probably what is known as A* algorithm.
Basically you divide the map into a grid and move from one square in the grid to the next.

If your wanting to learn programming writing a simple AI pathfinding program yourself is an excellent way to learn. If your good at it already and simply want pathfinding you can get versions of it off the asset store (not sure if there is a free version)

if you want to implement your own (takes some time certainly)
is a good start to understanding how pathfinding is done.

See here for one possibility. It uses an array to represent the world and a flood-fill algorithm for pathfinding.

What about this …