Aicraft Collision with Terrain not working

Hello All,

A pre-emptive thankyou for any help.
I am currently making a flying game and I am having issues with the aircraft flying through the terrain. My terrain has a terrain collider and my aircraft object has a rigid body and character controller as my parent object and several capsule and box colliders (for the wings, fuselage etc) on other objects under the aircraft (parent) object.
I have viewed a few similar Q’s on here however I cannot seem to get it to work.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Ive never seen a character controller being used with a rigidbody before as they both do collision detection.

Try giving the parent object a collider.

Does it go through the terrain because the aircraft is travelling to fast? if it goes slowly does it still go through.

Thanks for your help. I set it up with a Char controller only and it works