Albedo not showing up

Hello, I am currently new to Unity and I am doing the ball tutorial to get started. In it, it tells you to make a material and then change it’s ‘Albedo’. I do that and then I do exactly what he shows and apply it to the object, but nothing happens. No color changes at all. Any help would be appreciated. I may be unable to respond in about 40 minutes.

Pictures of my inspector –

It seems like you have no light inside your scene. That could be the reason.

Fixed for me:

I have two displays (laptop + monitor) and the albedo popup was appearing in the other screen, behind a full screen I had going on there. So minimise all the other windows and try clicking the albedo input multiple times and see if it is popping in and out anywhere else.

Original problem:

Same problem on the Ball Rolling tutorial also here. I’m on OSX.

According to the video tutorial (Roll a ball tutorial), when I click on the Albedo color input, the color selector palette should pop up. But exactly as @jrp73004, it did not pop up for me.

The accepted answer is not correct because I do have lighting inside my scene.

I am on windows. I do not know how to fix this though, and recommend starting another post @arul20. My solution was to just add the albedo and add lighting. Sorry

I had the same confusion

Here is what you have to do as below, Click on the Blue dot, just before the Albedo

it’s Base Map