Alfernative to transform.Move? Unet

I’m creating a multiplayer game and as of now am only working on character movement syncing client/server. I have a fully authorative server with client prediction and was originally using transform.Translate for my player movement. Everything was running at the same speed for client and server perfectly. I have switched to a character controller and am using the Move function now as I need collisions.
The problem is that even though I am moving the player at the same speed (yes also using deltaTime) on the client and server, the clients movement is half the speed of the players prefab on the server, using the same exact code.
I’m assuming that the Move function works a lot differently than Translate.
I need the players movement to be fairly deterministic so that the client prediction logic matches server logic as accurately as possible when I do server reconciliation but the Move function doesn’t seem to be doing that for me, but I also need collision detection and would prefer not coding a custom character controller.

Nevermind my mistake. It works fine I just forgot to add if isServer on part of my code so the movement was being done twice per frame server side. Apologies.