Algorithm problem

Sorry for english. I am newbie and trying to build a simple application game in which a user can drive a car and he/she want to reach on a specific destination to win by driving a car on a specific time limit, so my question is does my application require any kind of algorithm or not like in racing game A* algorithm or something else is used.

You’re game will require what ever you need it to, for example:

Instruct = Program, add code, attach scripts, use available assets you own or purchase(through the asset store or similar).

If you have computer/bot players in other cars, you will/may need to:

  • Instruct the AI players on how to
    stay on the road or track if that is

  • This could be A* i suppose, it should
    be a 3d line that AI’s attach to with
    padding to ensure it looks more

  • Example: the AI player may want
    always stay on the track, ride the
    line if you will, but it may not be
    possible, to ensure natural looking
    behavior it may have some padding so
    the player can move to the left/right
    of the line to seem like it riding
    the inner edge(curves/turns).

  • Instruct the AI players what is a
    player, how to react to collisions if

  • What happens when AI players hit a
    wall, a bush or perhaps another

General thoughts on some coding tasks or consideration:

  • Track/road behaviour, i.e. what
    happen when a car is not a on the

  • Does the car slow down, do points go
    down Hitting non-player/player


  • Scoring or time based achievment

  • Hit points or car health

  • Does your car have health, i.e. does
    it get hurt/harmed

  • Does your car deform due to damage?

  • Selected cars may have different
    weights therefor changing the driving
    behavior of the car, i.e. the

All of this is possible to be instructed in code and attached to generic(prefab) GameObjects and reused.

Because this is a design question, it may be better for the forums and not Unity Answers