aliased edges on cutout textures

I have a question related to using textures with an alpha map combined with the cutout shaders.

I've followed a number of suggestions here on the forums and Wiki for getting alpha mapped textures from Photoshop into Unity without a nasty white or black edge. However, after solving that issue I've run into another.

I no longer have the white edge of doom, but my edges do seem to be quite aliased. I've tried a number of things to soften them, but it really seems to be Unity doing this to an otherwise smooth edge. Furthermore, the quality settings seem to bear little impact on the look.

Am I missing something stupid? Or does anyone have any suggesting for getting smoother edges?


I don't think there's much you can do if you're sticking to a cutout shader. You would need supersampling FSAA to do something about anti-aliasing within textures, but Unity only does multisampling FSAA, which is good for edges of objects, but does nothing with textures.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for the reply.

Is there another shader that could be used that would help the situation?

I would not blame it on unity directly.
If the stuff is not perpendicular to the camera direction it could just as well be texture filtering (not trilinear, anisotropic not enabled)

Experimenting with those settings and ensuring that your quality level is high enough that the texture is used in its real form not a smaller one, could help there.

A transparent shader instead of a transparent cutout shader.


Thanks a lot, gents!

Really appreciate the help.