Align HTC Vive Coordinate with OptiTrack System in Unity

I am working on aligning HTC Vive Controller (for example, right controller) with a rigid body marker which is tracked by Optitrack. Since the coordinate system of both systems are different how can I align these two systems? I am trying to move the rigid body marker similar to the right-hand controller of the htc vive.


I have a unity environment which is viewed using HTC Vive and now I want to have a rigid body marker which is tracked by Optitrack and have to align properly while I move the marker in the environment.

Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Thank you.

HI. Further to my comment above - I think I’ve cracked how to do it.

Essentially the process is indeed as I described above - the key is figuring out the origin of System 2 in the coordinate space of system 1. To do this - capture a common physical point in space with both tracking systems. Then Parent system 2 tracker transform (the one you want to translate) to a gameobject at worldspace origin - then you need to line up sys 2 tracker transform with that of sys 1 in such a way that the parent moves relative to it. The parent transform is then the origin of sys 2 in sys1’s coordinate system! I did that with the help of the code in this post: