Align particle rotation with objects rotation?


In my game, there are child objects of a circle that spins round. These objects have particle systems on them. The child objects are facing the circle, and so as the circle spins, their rotation is not straight.

The problem i have is that the particles (that are squares) don’t face the same way as the child objects do, and so end up with something like this:


My question is, how do i make the rotation of the particles update with that of the child objects?

(Sorry for the bad wording of the question, i really dont know how else to put it)
Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.


Do you want the particles to kind of draw the trajectory of the object it is attached to, or do you want the particles to always emits like away from the earth ?

In any case, what I would suggest you at first is trying to change the “Simulation Space” in main part of the Particle System, in the Editor.

Toggle it to “World” if you want to draw the trajectory of the GameObject for instance ; I think it’s what you want.

You can also try to modify the Shape part of the Particle System, in order to choose from where it will emits, and in which direction. Try to play with those 2 options to get the result you want.