Aligning a GUI.DrawTexture from the right?

In my game, I have an avatar-like texture, that changes dynamically during the game. My problem is that Rects are aligned from the top-left. I would like to have my image be aligned from the bottom-right.

Here's an image of what I mean: alt text

I'd also settle for centre or top-right, as long as it's right. Is this possible?

I've tried using the GUIStyle, but DrawTexture doesn't except that to begin with. I hope someone can help me out.



Here's what I came up with after the first answer:

//define screenwidth here for optimal performance
var screenwidth = Screen.width;
var screenhieght = Screen.height;
var myTexture : Texture2D;

function OnGUI() {
GUI.DrawTexture (Rect (screenwidth - myTexture.width, screenheight - myTexture.height, myTexture.width, myTexture.height), myTexture, ScaleMode.ScaleToFit);

You'll just need to modify the coordinates you pass to DrawTexture, e.g. (C#)

public Vector2 myTextureSize = new Vector2( 100, 100 );

void OnGUI()
  GUI.DrawTexture( new Rect( Screen.width - myTextureSize.x, 
                             Screen.height - myTextureSize.y,
                             myTextureSize.y ), 
                   myTexture );