Aligning meshes

I’m trying to align several imported .fbx meshes (essentially functioning as terrain) that are segmented parts of one large landscape. I’d like to upload each mesh such that they can be automatically aligned without aligning them manually, which is difficult and often inaccurate. Any ideas?

I use this method to do things via code, and bring them to the “editing mode”. While playing, once your objects are as you want to be, do a Crtl+C , stop the simulation, and paste them in the hicheracy. This way will be as they were during gameplay.

And now, how to alling them?

A simple solution can be moving them via code using TRansalte, add a mesh collider to the terrains, and use another box collider to act like a plane, so you can detect the collisions and stop the terrains move at the right point.

Or something like this!

Bye! :smiley: