All animations have suddenly disappeared from Animation window

While I was making a set of animations, I noticed that they were not in the folder that I wanted them to be in. After completing all of the animations for the object, I moved them all into a different folder, and every single animation for every object simply stopped working. The files themselves are still present in the explorer, the sprites have not changed (this is a 2D project), and the Animator shows the animations and cycles through them without any issues. When I go to the Animation window, however, the list of animations for each object is empty, and none of them play in playmode.

Is there a way to link the animation files back to their respective objects? I really would not like to remake each one.


EDIT: I have tried to move the files back to their original folders, and I’ve also tried moving them to other folders, but all to no avail. Help would really be appreciated.

EDIT 2: After a bit of research, I found that some errors could be caused by adding an animation to the object without first adding an animation component. I tried to add the component, and I played around with adding the proper animations to it, but it still does not work properly.

Close your aniamtor window and then in the inspector click on the aniamtor controller variable, new window should pop up with correct settings

I had the same problem… I actually tried moving them once but wasn’t accepting, so I decided not to move, but later I realized they were not on my animation list, and I saw they were moved to where I wanted to move earlier. I added them back to the animator and… all empty.

Got any luck finding the solution?

i found a solution, its by going to the assets on unity and in the place where you have the animation that desappeared from the animator you click it and then you go to the animation window there you can copy the animation whith ctrl + c then you go to the object with the animator that lost the animations you click that object ang go to the animation window then you click on create, you create a new animation(call it as you want) then when you are going to do the new animation instead of doing it all again you just paste the old one with ctrl + v.

i hope it was helpul. @Kinosei @DThaiPome

Thanks Manuel-Font!!!

Open Animator window.
Select one animation.
See the Motion field in Inspector tab.
Click on the botton of the Motion field.
Select the correct animation.