All compiler errors must be fixe before you can enter playmode! (Please Help!!)

I keep getting this error when trying to enter the play mode but when i look at my console, theres no errors! what can be the problem???

I’ve had this happen several times. Every single time, it turned out there was still an error in the code somewhere. Only problem is it is sometimes hard to find when the compiler is fracking with you and doesn’t want to respond.

I suggest you retrace your steps. A) Reload old code that you know was working or B) ctrl-z away until you get to stable code or C) hunt down your bug by removing scripts one at a time till it works.

good luck

There are 3 icons at the top right of the error console that enable you to toggle messages, warnings, and errors in the output. Make sure errors are being displayed (there should be a number next to the icon to say how many have occurred)

Some things to try:

1: Restart Unity

2: Force recompile of the scripts by saving any changes to the scripts and go back to unity

3: Create a new project and move your scripts over there.