All enemies die when one does

I’m having a problem with the scripting in my game. When I jump on one enemy to kill it all the enemies die. They were all dragged into the scene view from a prefab. Here is the script on my enemies:

public float velocity = -3;
	public Transform startCast;
	public Transform endCast;
	public bool GroundHit;
	public bool OnGround;
	public bool WallHit;
	public Transform WallCheckStart;
	public Transform WallCheckEnd;
	public Transform GroundCheckStart;
	public Transform GroundCheckEnd;
	public LayerMask GroundLayer;
	public LayerMask WallLayer;
	public static bool dead, noMoreKillPlayer;
	private GameObject me;
	public BoxCollider2D Box1, Box2;
	Rigidbody2D rg;
	SpriteRenderer spritey;

	IEnumerator KillSequence(){
		if (PlayerControls.DoneKilling) {
			rg.gravityScale = 0;
			spritey.sortingLayerName = "EnemyBG";
			Box1.enabled = false;
			Box2.enabled = false;
			yield return new WaitForSeconds (2f);
			Destroy (me);

	void Start () {
		me = this.gameObject;
		dead = false;
		rg = GetComponent<Rigidbody2D> ();
		spritey = GetComponent<SpriteRenderer> ();

	void FixedUpdate () {
		rigidbody2D.velocity = new Vector2 (velocity, rigidbody2D.velocity.y);
		GroundHit = Physics2D.Linecast (startCast.position, endCast.position, GroundLayer);
		OnGround = Physics2D.Linecast (GroundCheckStart.position, GroundCheckEnd.position, GroundLayer);
		WallHit = Physics2D.Linecast (WallCheckStart.position, WallCheckEnd.position, WallLayer);
		if (!GroundHit && OnGround || WallHit) {
			transform.localScale = new Vector2(transform.localScale.x * -1, transform.localScale.y);
			velocity *= -1;
		if (dead) {
			this.velocity = 0;

This script is on the killbox which is a child of the enemy:

public GameObject me;

	void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D hit){
		if (hit.tag == "Feet") {
			SimpleEnemy.dead = true;
			SimpleEnemy.noMoreKillPlayer = true;
	void FixedUpdate(){
		if (SimpleEnemy.dead == true && PlayerControls.DoneKilling == true) {

I think the problem is that the dead variable is being set true for everyone with the enemy script on which is all of the enemies. Would I have to distinguish which enemy I am jumping on in either the player or enemy script? If so, how would I do that?

its because Dead is a static variable, this means it applies to all instances of Enemy all the time. try not making it static.