All GameObjects are now invisible! How do I get them back?

For some odd reason, on one level of my game, all the objects in it are invisible. I don't know how I did that, but I want to change it back.

I have checked that the light source and camera does not ignore the object layers (they don't ignore any layers. I've also checked that my GameObjects have mesh filters, and they do.

The strange thing is that many of these objects are prefabs, which are used in previous levels. Somehow, those levels work fine.

The other thing is that these GameObjects are invisible, not gone. I can still play the game, and my character's shadow hits the objects. However, the only thing I can see are the shadows and the flares from fire effects around the level.

Is there any way to un-invisible it?

EDIT: I've uploaded a video showing what is going on here:

And yes, my voice is very annoying. :D

Wow, none of that worked :o! I have to admit I am stumped. What happens if you add new objects, same problem? If so it would suggest the problem is a GLOBAL effect and not a mass local one.

Can you rollback to a previous version and simulate your actions to pinpoint the moment in happened and localize the source?

Does it display the same problems if you build or export to another computer?

Did you make any changes to your video card or drivers when it happened?

And yes I know these are questions , not answers. But I don't see a spot for that, and comment room is to small , so sorry about that.

I have noticed that sometimes, when you start the game, the objects change scale, position, rotation, etc. It could just be that your objects are too small to see or they are not in their actual position. The way you can fix this is by creating an empty game object for each of your models and drag the model into the game object, scaling, changing the position, rotating, etc. the empty game object rather than the actual model.

Hope this helped.