All gameObjects got deleted from Hierarchy

Hi I have a project I have been working on for 2 weeks and today as I saved, closed and reopened Unity all of my objects have literally disappeard from hierarchy, and it only contains Main Camera with the aspect ratio I set. Anyone knows what happend? How Can I bring back my gameObjects? What is more grid and gizmos are not rendering properly. In older projects everything is working as usual.

turn it off and on again… always worth a try

you can try deleting /library folder and reloading…it forces unity to reimport everything. ( but I don’t think thats likely to help )

if you have compile errors, fix those, then try above 2 options again.

if you are using Version Control ( such as git / source-safe etc… ) close unity, reset any changes and reload. This will get you back to your last committed version of project to the version control system.

If you have a manual back-up, load that.

but, truth of it is it sounds like something got corrupted/broken… it happens sometimes and you can lose work if you don’t have backups and version control.

Hopefully at least all of your game objects in the scene are setup as prefabs, and you did not lose those?

If you don’t have it… I suggest you set yourself up with Git ( its free ) and a visual git client, such as SourceTree or GitHub. They keep track of all your changes and previous versions. you can go back and forth between any version in history of your project.

Its also worth doing periodic copies /zips of the whole project folder to a backup folder, on external drive / flash / disc or whatever. ( off of your main computer’s HD )