All IP addresses return with ::ffff: before them, why?

When I get the address of a connection with connectionToClient/Server.address or NetworkServer.connections it gives me the correct ip but with ::ffff: before it. In order to ping the addresses I need to remove the ::ffff: bit, which is fine but a bit annoying. I was wondering why is this ::ffff: bit here? And is it possible for NetworkServer.connections[0/1/2…].address to return the ip without this?

for(int i = 0; i<NetworkServer.connections.Count; i++){
	string iterAddress;
	if(NetworkServer.connections *!= null)*

_ iterAddress = NetworkServer.connections*.address;*_
iterAddress always ends up being “::ffff:” when localhost, “” with a friends computer connecting etc.
Thanks, Toby.

Hm, my previous reply didn’t come through, it seems.

Short, casual answer: It’s an IPV4 address mapped through a IPV6-compliant system.