All my animations from blender became the same when Importing to Unity

So, I’ve changed my computer and I’ve simply taken the folder of my project from the last computer and placed it on the new one, on the new computer I’ve installed the new version of unity 2019.3.0f1, which was the same on my old computer.
All fine until I try to play the game, at first, my character was invisible, I managed to fix that, but now the problem is that the only animation that Unity is importing is the last animation that I save on Blender, I’m using Blender 2.8 and if I save let’s say on the Walk animation, when I change to Unity, instead of following the Blend Tree from Idle, to walk, to run, it stays on the walk animation, if I save the file when I was on the Punch animation, the character won’t stop punching, when I try to check the animations, I’ve seen that on the import settings, under the animation tab, all the animations are the same, here are some screenshots to help to explain:

I’m having this same issue, with the same character from Brackey’s RPG tutorial. It’s unfortunate nobody has responded in 3 months.

I have the same problem, I pull the code from my repository, and all of a suden all the animations are the same… any knews on this?

Same here and its driving me crazy