All my assets unaffected by light source

All the 3D models in my scene are custom made and imported from Blender. They use the “toon>basic” shader.

I have one directional light for the whole scene, and a few spotlights in some places. The problem is, none of these lights are affecting the objects. They work as though the object doesnt exist at all, and simply ignore the objects.

I have a similar problem with shadows as well.

This isn’t only for 3d objects, but for the textures/2d objects as well. For example, I have the spotligt as a hard blue light. But because of some reason im not getting a perfectly hard light, but a purpleish light is seen, and that too very dim, and which changes according to the floor’s base color. Any idea how to fix these issues?

I can see in your screenshot that “shadow type” is set to “no shadows”, which is why you’re not getting any shadows. Your blue light + red texture = purple sounds like expected behaviour to me- what did you want to happen?

Your problem is the shader.

The “toon->basic” shader ignore lights, instead it uses a cubemap (an image) to fake lighting.

You can use “toon->lighted”, however it supports only one directional light and does not affected by the light’s strength, you may have to make your own ramp image to get the desired looking.