All my models are white

So I just opened up a project and all my models are pure white in the editor scene and game views. Even just creating a new primitive cube turns pure white. Everything has a material on it, I’ve even tried adding new materials to no effect.

The only models that aren’t white are ones that have a legacy shader.

I’m using Unity 2018.2.5f1 (I can’t upgrade because I need to match the version on my school computers).

So when I first start the scene, everything flashes the correct color and then turns white. If I start a new scene on my computer everything is white, but if I load an old scene created on a different computer (with the same assets) everything is correctly colored. Someone please help.

Check whether you have an object with Reflection Probe component.
If you have, then this answer may help.

And I simply disable this component.

It is may be Directiional light.