All my NavMeshAgents are tilted

I’ve set up a NavMesh and have allocated my NPCs as NavMeshAgents but whenever an NPC is loaded into the scene they are at an angle i.e. instead of standing straight up they ar leaning forward about 30 degrees (kind of like the Micheal Jackson lean).

When I pause the scene and change the rotation of the NPC to bring it back upright, the transform does but the NavMeshAgent stays at the same angle, so when I unpause it, it snaps right back to the 30 degrees.

Things I have considered might be causing this are:

  • My NPCs are set up as ragdolls

  • My NPCs have a Character Controller and Sphere Collider

  • I’m using an orthographic camera

However no changes i’ve made have fixed the issue.

One thing I did notice was when I went to change the NavMesh setting for climbing slopes from 45 degrees to 0 degrees the NavMesh wouldn’t bake any surfaces. It’s only from 30 degrees and above that it will successfully bake the surfaces. I don’t know if this gives any clues as to what might be going on?

Thank you for any help!

Good day,

Is your terrain irregular?. Nav mesh agent moves acordly to the terrain. If you want them to be always at “0 º” you should make an emptyobject with the nav mesh agent, and the character as a child, modifying only character global rotation to 0.