All my scripts were deleted

I’ll start at the beginning. I accidentally created a new script that I didn’t need. I then right clicked it. I selected delete. All the scripts in the folder were suddenly gone!

I’ve looked in the Recycle bin. They aren’t there. I’ve done something similar before and they all showed up in the Recycle bin before but they’re not there. They’re just gone. I haven’t done anything else, I stopped what I was doing and came directly here.

Are scripts deleted differently? Please tell me Unity didn’t just trash 2 months of my work!

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Although this answer is as disappointing as others, I’m forced to say something about the comment about using Dropbox as backup medium.

As semi-experienced programmer, I’ve been using GitHub, Mercurial and SVN for version control. This kind of backup is much better than Dropbox, because not only do you store your work incrementially, you also allow other people to help you with reviewing and bugfixing. The fact that you lose 2 months of work is very improbable if you would have used Git (you would lose at most a couple of hours of work).

I hope you consider changing to a version control system (maybe you already have by now).

“Are scripts deleted differently?” No. Scripts are individually deleted, the same as anything else. There’s no “delete all scripts together” option that starts turned on.

You probably highlit the entire folder (or selected the folder) by mistake.