All my Unity web players have stopped working in Safari.

All my Unity web players have stopped working in Safari.
Chrome I knew was going to stop supporting Unity but Safari just stopped with no warning.
Nothing happens, not even an error message, just a white space where the player should be.

The only browsers that still work with Unity web player are Firefox and Opera and Opera says the plug in will soon be unsupported.
This makes all the money I have spent on Unity wasted as it now no longer works on anything.

What is going on?

Most or all of the major browsers are dropping support for NPAPI plugins in the near future. Flash, Unity Web Player, and many other technologies are built on top of NPAPI, and so those engines will stop working in most browsers.

This has been an ongoing issue for the past year or two.

If you’re just now aware of the issue, this blog post can get you caught up: Web Publishing Following Chrome NPAPI Deprecation | Unity Blog

@RHD If you mean that the HTML page is blank in the middle but still shows the standard text above and below where the 3d view box should be, that could be the Safari plugin permission issue. Recently (with Yosemite?) if the plugin is not always allowed, the usual message/button/arrow to allow the plugin is invisible. There are two workarounds: (1) move the mouse cursor over where the message should be – you will see the cursor change to a hand cursor to press the button. Or (2) set the Safari Preferences Plugin Settings for the Unity player to “Always allow”.

Hi J.Millen,

Thank you that is exactly what it was.
I had to set the plugin preferences to “always allow” and now it works.
No clue what is wrong with Firefox but leaving that one for now.

I knew about the NPAPI thing vaguely but thought we had until next spring for that to kick in.

Really hope Unity come up with a better fix than converting everything back to Javascript!
Thank you very much.