all of my Projects are gone

Now, this is a serious question, what happened a few months ago I lost my computer after my motherboard gave up on me so, I took out the hard drive.Now when I got my computer My hard drive failed to boot and still my windows is broken.So I installed my windows on the second partition after trying everything then when I see the documents folder in my users folder in old partition all of my save games,files,pictures are there but There are no Unity project files really any only one project folder which only has the builds made ONLY. Really that is my years work

And yes I reinstalled unity on second windows on the second partition.
I am really pissed off


Unity Create a new scene named Untitled, it doesn’t delete all your project. please go to scene in the assets, and open your scene where you made changes. Hopefully This Will work for you. Thanks

omg it works thank u so much