All Physics Pool Stroke Mechanics - How to Build

I need to learn how to Slide an object along its z axis while tied to a stationary pivot point… thats really it essentially

The end goal is a Pool / Billiard simulator driven by a true to life mechanical model of a Pool Player.

Input into the sim will need to accurately reflect the pendulum motion of the forearm to include side deviations as well as the forward and backward swing.

Im having trouble wrapping my head around getting the cue to slide along the z axis while maintaining a stationary attach/pivot point emulating the bridge hand that holds the cue.

Im sure theres an easy way, so Im asking for advice with the ways to set this up.

If possible I would like to set this up in a way that is dynamic enough to be easily configured to match a layers physical stroke / setup characteristics, such as grip position on the back of the cue, bridge hand placement as well as how high they hold the cue in their bridge (for adding spin to the ball etc).

I have tried a number of things but I dont think i have the knowledge yet to build this the right way or the Best way, etc

Thanks for your help!


Solution: A

A Configurable Joint with all contraints locked down except for the Z Movement.

The trick to get the single pivot was to attach the secondary anchor to a ‘kinetic only’ object AND make sure the anchor gizmos were positioned in the desired locations:

Primary and secondary gizmos placed at the point I wanted the bridge hand to be.