All remote config data wiped

On unity dashboard we lost our all config datas. It gives error(500) and says something went wrong. Will this issue be fixed soon? We are worried about to use this system if it’s not still safe to use.

Hi Olcay

Could I encourage you to send an email with your issue to ""? This will ensure that we can collect the necessary information about your project to properly diagnose your issue.

In parallel, the team is currently checking our systems to see if there are any issues.

It looks like we may have had a dashboard delay, can you please try again? I too was seeing the 500 response, but is working now. I should add that I was still able to Push and Pull values in the Unity Editor, so no data was lost, but it looked like an authentication issue only when logging in on the Dashboard.

I double checked and still got the same error and the list is empty.

What list are you referring to? Can you continue to Push/Pull from the Editor? Please share some screenshots.

Upon further investigation, it turns out that some of your recent values were in scientific notation of the form 1-e7 which we were not parsing correctly. This has been resolved, please try again.