Allocate more memory for WebGL

I get memory allocation errors when attempting to load my WebGL game, and the solution appears to be changing memory size under publishing settings as seen here:

However, That option does not show up for me:

What am I supposed to do to change the memory size and get my game working?

Also its not showing for me Did You Found the solution… @TylerRosen

I would like to know the answer as well

As far as I can tell there simple is no such setting anymore. For example I just checked my webGL builds and found an old one (my mandelbrot renderer) which does still have the memory setting directly inside the generated index.html file. A slightly newer build (my expression parser example) has the memory setting in the seperate configuration json file. However in a more recent build I made (a simple towers of hanoi example) there is no memory setting anymore.

There could be countless of potential reasons for this. We can only speculate. Maybe there’s no need for a fix pre allocated memory anymore. Could be an improvement of the asm.js framework or the switch to webassemblies. Anyways it looks like there simply is no setting anymore, so you don’t have to worry about it. If you still run out of memory then it’s most likely a limitation of your used browser.

Note that the memory setting was just for the scripting heap. Assets and some other things did not go into that memory. So if you don’t try to handle some GB inside your scripts you usually should be fine ^^. At least my mandelbrot set renderer works (at least in my Firefox and as long as you don’t go fullscreen :D)

A lot of good info in this forum thread, culminating in me being confused and annoyed :smiley:

Ultimately, conclusion seems to be that for now 2GB is the max, and some control of the WebGL compilation can be achieved through custom builds, but still within the confines of 2GB memory