Allocation Already Register

Hi guys, i encountered this issue (in the object) in one of my build (PC version). It pop-up in the development console with no other information only when i switch from the game to other application (alt-tab).

The first time was in my MainMenu scene but in that case i discovered that on the function OnApplicationFocus() i call everytime an Instantiate(Resources.Load…) method. So i removed that method and i fixed it. Now the main menu is ok.

The problem is that now i have the same error in all other my scene, but i’m sure that it’s not related to my OnApplicationFocus() function because o already commented out and i have the same problem.

The problem actually pop-up only when i switch in another application, so the question is, if it’s not the OnApplicationFocus what could be this problem? And most important, is a serious one? It’s not blocking from what i see.

I try to do some research on the forum and on answer but without success.

Hope someone can help, thanks!

P.S.: No problem when running on editor, only in standalone PC version

I checked an old build made with Unity3x and no error appear in standalone PC version. Seems that the problem might be with Unity4x. Now i’m even more confused…

Ok, i’ve found that this cause the issue

But even with the workaround suggested (Disable MT Rendering) it still not working…