Allow a Raycast to pass through a Canvas and hit UI components on another Canvas

Hi there,
I’m working on making a tutorial for my game which consists entirely of UI components.
I was hoping to make a demo walk-through for my game where it allows the player to click only on a few of the buttons while still displaying all the UI components.
My current setup is to have two canvas GOs:

  • One that has all the UI components that the player would normally be able to click on (“Gameboard”).
  • The other canvas GO will block raycasts from hitting the buttons on the “Gameboard” canvas (“Tutorial”).
    My problem is that I cannot figure out to use UI components on the “Tutorial” canvas to allow raycasts to pass through and hit the buttons on the “Gameboard” canvas. I’m stuck at a all-or-nothing type of masking.
    Is there a way to do this? Or am I wasting my time and should just go with making a written tutorial?
    Thank you.
    (P.S. GO == GameObject)

If you want to see the gameboard buttons that I want to mask, you can see the game in action at
I would have posted a picture but the forms kept giving me a “Parsing image” error.

You can add component Canvas Group and uncheck “Block raycast” checkbox on it.