Allow overriding of preferred unity version on a per-project basis

I intend to use the most recent versions of Unity when I start new projects, but I work in multiple projects, some of which have dependencies which have not or cannot be updated to my preferred version. It seems like low-hanging fruit to allow me to tell Unity Hub to always open a project with a non-preferred version.

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I second this motion – the whole reason I need to keep older versions of Unity around is for the need to maintain specific projects that are too volatile to upgrade.

Yes, this exactly.

In my opinion it should be the default to open a project in the version it was last opened. If this version is not on my machine it should give a popup with the option to ether download this version or to upgrade it to a version on my machine. The way it is now I can’t use because it’s just a mater of time until I accidentally open a project with the wrong version, with will cost me several hours until all the re-imports are done.

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In fact, Unity stores the version in ProjectVersion.txt in the ProjectSettings folder, it would seem sensible for the hub to try and open the project with that version?


I found a hack of sorts that's at least valid with the beta Hub v.0.11.0.

I located all my existing editor installs on my computer and pointed the Hub at them, but I noticed they were all coming up with weird version numbers like And when I click on a project with that actual version (5.5.3p3), the Hub tells me to download the version or use the preferred version, even though I have the right one installed.

I went to the AppData for the Hub (\Roaming\UnityHub) and looked in the file editors.json. It's plaintext JSON with a list of all the editor information that I'd added to the Hub. 5.5.3p3 looks like this, for instance:

"":{"version":"","shortVersion":"5.5.3","location":"C:\Program Files\Unity553p3\Editor\Unity.exe","manual":true}

I changed "version" to "5.5.3p3" so it matched what's in the Unity project's ProjectVersion.txt, then relaunched the Hub. Now when I click on the project, it automatically opens with the correct editor.


Indeed, this is a current limitation of the Beta version of the Hub.
We're aware of it and we'll come with a more suitable solution for located Editor's installs.

Thanks for sharing this. It fixes the issue so now clicking on the project opens it in the correct version without me having to pick it from the list.

Thanks! Remember to kill the Unity Hub background processes, too, didn’t work for me at first…