Allow project deletion via unity hub.

I think allowing project deletion via unity hub would make life just that little bit easier.


I frequently create new temp/test projects and would like to have two separate abilities:
1. To remove projects from the list.
2. To delete projects from the disk.


Your requests are noted


I was actually looking for this myself to see if there was a way to remove projects from the list. I thought it might have been stored in a json or the registry, but I haven't had luck locating it yet.

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There are ways:

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[quote=“alexzzzz”, post:5, topic: 689645]
There are ways:

From this, it looks like it’s in the registry, but I didn’t see anything for the hub in there last I looked. I’ll admit it was a quick glance, so I’ll poke around some more.

I would also very much like this feature.

Seems the only current way to do this is via a registry change which isn't really ideal.

The hub seems great, being able to remove/delete projects from the list would be handy (and, to me, seems an obvious thing to add).


I have 16 projects in my list. My new project, though I've opened it 3 times, isn't showing up. Is there a max? I can't believe there is no option to remove them.

I have 16 projects in my list. My new project, though I've opened it 3 times, isn't showing up. Is there a max? I can't believe there is no option to remove them.

I have 39, so if there is a max, I haven't hit it yet. Keep grabbing the hub updates when they are offered, they keep improving it. Recently it's been better about keeping the recently opened projects at the top.

I've had that issue where a project opened doesn't show at the top, but the reason for it is unknown, but for me it seems if I open a project but don't do any work in it it seems to not keep it at the top. It seems to correct itself though.

Unity Hub 0.18.0. Still no option to delete them from the List :)

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I really need to be able to remove projects or edit the location for projects in Unity Hub... The ability to delete would be amazing as well.


Also to rename them would be appreciated, even if it's only renaming them at the hub level.


For the love of god, please add this.


cant wait for this...


Same here, this could be probably the most awesome thing in the world of Hub !

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Please add the ability to remove projects!
Come on, it's not like its a super big feature to add


We need this. PLEASE. This engine can't have a simple and useful project manager!

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Hi everyone,

Just chiming in to say we hear your requests loud and clear. It hasn't been top of mind for the past couple of preview releases unfortunately since we've in the process of stabilizing of v1.0 official release.

To clarify, I believe there are different implementation worth discussing in more details. Some are asking for the ability to 'delete' while others are asking for the ability to 'remove' and ideally we would look at both. We would like to hear any additional details on expectations for either behaviour

For example:
Delete = move project folder and all contents to the OS trash/recycling bin
Remove = simply remove the project from the Hub list but keep the files intact on disk.

Project Management overhaul will play a big part of upcoming feature development (which equally requires a redesign of the whole interface) so we can better support sorting, filtering, and search.

On the topic of 'renaming' a project on deep shall we go? e.g. only renaming on a OS level? We've equally heard requests for the Hub to display the project name as it's defined in the Player settings... Maybe worth kicking off a new thread on renaming only but happy to continue to the conversation either way.

Thank you, as always for the all feedback and support!
Daniel (and the Hub team)


Hello @DanielTG

for me when I was saying "Delete" I mean in fact "Remove".
I don't think your hub has a vocation to remove from disk a project or maybe use a popup with a toggle for example
Would you remove your project from Hub ?
Toggle here : Would you delete it from the disk too ?
And then 2 buttons OK / CANCEL

Yes, the ability to remove from the hub list would be nice. Sometimes I open a project once to look into something (coworker needs help, or I'm adding something to a repo project, or something...)

Otherwise, I may create an experimental project and don't want it in my list forever once I'm done experimenting. A delete function isn't that important for me on projects as I can delete those as needed myself.

Renaming a project is simply some way of better telling what the projects are. My company requires all my projects to exist in a folder


So when I open up the Hub, I just see "Project" for the name of every project. The path underneath does help me figure out what project is which, but it would be nice if it either allowed us to customize the name or it used the project name in player settings.

To add, it would be great to be able to add our own "tabs" on the left side.
Right now we have

On Disk
In the Cloud

If there were a way to add our own tabs to that, then we could use the two predefined tabs or add our own and be able to flag our projects to whichever tab we wanted.