Allow us to select a default unity version

I kinda like hub, when it first was introduced I wasnt sure I would, but, ive grown used to it, however, one thing that was there at the start and seems missing now is an ability to default to a version of unity, sure, under new, you can select but just clicking new seems to default to the last version installed, now, sure if you only have the one release in there, thats great.. but for those of us trying 2019.3, and maybe even 2020.. we have 3+ versions on the go, and the last installed is not always what we wanted... Please, can we get the set default back?

When creating a new project we remember the last used Unity version? Is that not the behaviour you’re seeing?

please let us know


Yes @DanielTG , but thats not what I asked for :) I want it to say have 3 (2020, 2019.3, 2019.2) versions of unity installed and just cos I did an experiment in alpha, doesnt mean my next project should be alpha, I want (almost certainly) to default to a more stable version.. so, the default would be say 2019.2.x (or whatever I picked) ... hub used to have a default version to open unknown and new projects in... Id just like it back please :smile:

Understood :) just wanted to confirm some details.


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