Allowing users to create customizable characters

Hello I’m relatively new to game design and scripting but fluent in c# so for me the real problem in my game is finding the correct documentation for unity and photon networking we’re making a multiplayer game.

Anyways back to my question so I want to allow for people to create customizable players that will be their character in the game. So basically my idea was to have a base prefab that contains the necessary scripts that all characters must have and then have extra game objects that I make the child of this other game object and make the transforms sync the way they should to give the appearance that the shirt or whatever is attached to the base character. So basically I’m running into the issue that using photon networking I am only allowed to instantiate prefabs. I cant create a gameobject then instantiate it across the network. So is there a way I can allow for prefabs to be created dynamically then save them somewhere locally so i can instantiate them across the network as I see fit?

this should help :slight_smile: