Alloy Physical Shader Framework Version 3 For Unity 5

We here at RUST LTD. are overjoyed to announce that Version 3 of our Alloy Physical Shader Framework is now released! We've spent the entirety of the Unity 5 beta cycle rebuilding Alloy from the ground up, taking advantage of all the new incredible features Unity 5 has to offer, and battle-hardening the set through extensive testing alongside the delightful folks at Camouflaj for their game Republique Remastered, and with countless other artists who've soldiered through the beta process with us.

The breadth and depth of the set has been expanded dramatically, accessible through the best custom inspector we've ever built. Features such as Masked Scrolling Emission, Detail Mapping, and Team Color masking can now be dropped onto an Alloy material with two clicks, freeing you to mix and match features without having to search for some overly verbose shader name in a maze-like hierarchy.

Alloy 3 also contains a full Character-Oriented Suite, including Pre-Integrated Skin, Parallax Eye and Eye Occlusion Layer Shaders, and several permutations of Anisotropic Hair. The package comes with a sample scene containing the character seen in the shot here, to help give you a starting reference for skin-specific map data, and best application of parameters.

Of note as well is that with version 3, Alloy now fully supports DX11 Tesselation. Every single shader in the set now has an SM5 Tessellation variant, for those of you who just can't get through the day without drowning your GPU in triangles :).

To get started, check out our 90 minute crash course video, that'll give you a broad overview of how to use the set!


Congrats on the release, guys... you have truly outdone yourselves in many ways... I am proud to be an alloy user. I wish I could attend the GDC (I'll actually be in that area on Friday)...

Congats guys! I am using Alloy 3 for my project and i could not be happier :smile:

Woohoo! Great job guys :). Alloy 3 is a big step forward and easy to use.

Andromeda Station is a recent convert to the ways of Alloy and we love all the things it does! Amazing work you guys! So excited to see what you are cooking up next!

Here's our Orbital Reentry Craft interior with all Alloy shaders running in Unity 5!


Awesome stuff @VertexFiend !!! I can't wait to reeeally play around with it after GDC.

To everyone else, I wanted to post a link to our announcement blog post:

So you guys know for the future, in general we'll be posting on this thread for short announcement summaries/links/sweet pics, and answering questions you might have, while keeping the longer-form stuff like tutorials, large image sequences, etc. on the blog.

Anywho, enough for now, gotta work on some booth-talk materials that I totally should have done last week.


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GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! With Unity 5's new pricing structure, Alloy isn't pro-only any longer! Whether you're an indie user that's been eyeing the package, or an asset-seller making high fidelity work, life just got 100x better today :-)


Hiiiiiii Guys,

The GDC 2015 Expo begins today. Check out some of the sweeeet stuff being shown off by myself, Nvyvve and Camouflaj!

Also, for those of you who couldn't make it (or didn't want to go in the first place :-P), don't worry. I'll be released builds of all these sweet demos once I'm back from GDC (and have a bit of time to polish up the UI/controls/etc.).




How easy is to tweak the shader properties so it can be mobile friendly?

Your product looks very cool!

Hi! Congrats with the latest release. Very usefull, especially love the alloy.glsl for substance painter.

But there is a slight minor issue. The alloy core shader isn't absorbing/reflecting incoming light from my environment (global skybox). Could this be a shader issue or am I doing something wrong.


Here are my Substance Painter settings with Alloy.glsl. I presume the settings are correct.



We're not explicitly supporting mobile at this time. We're waiting for OpenGL ES 3.0 and Metal hardware to become more commonplace, and for Unity to figure out how to support linear-space on mobile. Currently a lot of mobile devices won't let you switch from gamma to linear and vice versa at runtime, and Unity still needs gamma for their UI even when in Linear mode for everything else.


I've sent you a PM. Can we continue this conversation there? Thanks.

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Just a heads up, Substance Painter 1.3 broke our preview shader. I'm working on getting a fixed version up and running.

Go here for the temporary solution:

Is there a summary of what Alloy offers above the new physically based shader of Unity 5 ?



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Thanks, checking it out. Now that Pro is free this suit looks very sweet :)

With your Point and area lights, do they cast shadows? Even with an animated character?

Also any plans for a plane and tube area light?

Also if I may IES patterns for your lights?


Basically we made it so that our area lights override the Point and Spot lights for forward and deferred mode. So they receive the shadows that you would normally get from those light types. If you want the original behavior for those light types, you just set them to size zero.

As for other area light shapes and IES patterns, those are a no go. Frankly, the way we hijacked Unity's light inputs to make these work was a major hack. Even if we could get the data describing other lights into the shaders, we would need to use dynamic branching to switch between them because Unity doesn't let us define keywords for new light types.

Let us know ASAP on that fix for Painter 1.3.

Thank you,



Okay, this is a temporary solution until we can push out a new update.