Alpha cutoff for a GUI Texture?

Hi, I’m trying to making a simple GUI layout and I have the correct alphas imported and whatnot but all the suggestions I’ve seen on here for making a bar of sorts is to just scale it. This works all fine and well for a rectangle but for more complex shapes it doesn’t work well. Since this bar is going to be based off a percentage I really don’t want to have several images in an array and swap out to show change. Altering the alpha in the Texture.color preference fades the whole thing with no regard to the alpha used in the image. I have tried making the GUI as a 3d object and control the specific parts for alpha using the cutoff value and that seems to be what I’m looking for but my question is can that same cutoff effect be used some way on just a GUI Texture and not with a mesh. The reason I don’t want to use a 3d mesh to display is that my game is for pc and with different resolutions it doesn’t change accordingly. So is there a way to blend an alpha along a gradient for a GUI Texture with a similar effect to a cutout shader for the mesh?

You can’t change the shaders for GUITextures. You can use meshes, just program them to work the way you want.

Ok, try using the GUI.DrawTexture and resize the Width ie Rect as normal. But set the attribute ScaleMode to ScaleAndCrop. That says that it will It will crop if it can’t maintain the aspect ratio.