Alpha problem with textures on a plane

Platform: Mobile.

When I import transparent images I get a white haze around them with any of the Mobile/Particle shaders (the left image). The only way I can eliminate that is by choosing a shader that allows the “Alpha cutoff” slider, such as Transparent/Cutout/Diffuse (the right image). The problem is I get an exclamation point bubble warning: PerformanceChecks.ShaderWithClipAndroid (the 2nd image). Any solutions? Thank you.

alt text

alt text

This border anomaly is sometimes referred to as “halo”-effect. To get rid of the white borders around your image simply define the alpha in your image file as a separate layer. You can for instance use the Flaming Pear’s free plugin for Photoshop called Solidify, given you use Photoshop.

The issue is common, here’s a tutorial.

Never use shaders that use alpha testing on mobile devices, they are pretty heavy. Instead use a simple transparent shader.

Save. I tried the simple transparent shader you suggested and it removes the halo, but it says the same error: PerformanceChecks.ShaderWithClipAndroid. Is there something on that shader script that I could add/remove/edit to get rid of that error message? I sent your tutorial link to my graphic designer, as he uses Photoshop, and hopefully it will work.