Alpha Questions: Package Manager

The last few Alphas I seemingly have things like Plastic SCM and Collaboration and a services tab, that I don't want or need.

On top of that the package manager has many packages that are locked and cannot be removed... I don't need JetBrains Rider, Visual Studio Code Editor, Tutorial Frameworks etc, etc. That I would previously just remove.

In addition to the 'remove' option that is greyed out from the packages, they have an unlock button that seemingly does nothing, and I assume is associated with some kind of Version Control, I didn't want nor choose to be installed... (They seem to be marked as dependencies).

I did manage to uninstall an active service from the package manger, this removed the Plastic SCM and Collaboration menu items, but the unlock and inability to remove unwanted packages remain.

Is this a deliberate design decision, to enforce version control or is this a bug, or my stupidity?

Tested in A13/A16.

[quote=“Freakish”, post:1, topic: 884389]
enforce version control or is this a bug, or my stupidity?
I’m guessing you have a feature set.

Thankyou Lurking-Ninja. :)

It appears the Engineering Package is installed be default with a new HDRP template project, but with your suggestion I could uninstall them all together in the engineering package tab, just not as I normally do by clicking on them individually. The greyed out remove button with a new 'unlock' button, and Plastic SCM stuff, I had not see until A13

Much appreciate the quick response.