Alternate Physics - Car tutorial - how to avoid car slipping? help please

Hi everybody,

I've been developing a racing game but now It seems I'm using too many wheel colliders in a scene, so I opted to use alternate physics (provided in the Unity Car tutorial) code for vehicles too...

But the problem is alternate physics cars slide too often than the WheelCollider used cars with Car.js script, when taking corners at high speed, so it's hard to control at different tracks..

I know there is a drag multiplyer option in Car.js script , in which if I increase the X to a higher value, the car won't slide sideways! But I couldn't find a similar variable or option to control sliding in alternate physics scripts. (I've gone through CarController.cs and TractionHelper.cs but have no Idea, since I'm not good at Physics!)

Do you know anyway of simply controlling car sliding in the alternate physics model?

Thank you in advance!

Look at the Aerodynamic Resistance script, it contains a Coefficients vector that defines how much wind resistance the car gets moving along the 3 different axes. I believe that increasing this for X makes it harder for the car to drift from side-to-side.