Alternative method to grid projection for a quad-tile game?

Unity default package projector comes with a grid projection cookie. It achieves a very desirable visual effect for me. However, I would want to create grid system where each grid can contains game data (x-y,size, move cost, height, objects that are on this grid, etc.). If I use projection method, projection’s grid size depends on distance between projection source and the terrain. I also want to be able to highlight grid (e.g. selecting grid would blend it with blue).

My thought-up method would be to have an thin, transparent grid overlay on top of the terrain. Each overlay would be corresponded to 1 grid, so if I have 1000x1000, I would have 1000x1000 grid objects. These grid overlay will only have border if unselected and will be highlighted with a blending color if selected.

However, this would mean 1000x1000 of “game objects” or shaders. I don’t know if this is the way to approach this problem. Is there any other alternative?

Huh? Im lost what issues are you having with quads? Im not having any, I just programmed the proper height. But I am having issues making some colors appear more opaque like red.

Is this what youre trying to achieve?

alt text

Here’s an old thread that has a script for drawing lines in game view using GL Lines.

Draw grid lines in game view?