Alternative parenting method in editor? (no scripting)

I know that I can parent an object by dragging it under its parent in the Hierarchy.

But this isn’t terribly convenient when the scene is large and the hierarchy is complex. In some cases alternative methods would be nice, for example:

  • assign the parent by writing the name in a field (of course a popup list with the usual accelerators would be useful here)
  • click on the child, then click on the parent and use a hotkey?

Does the editor provide functionality to do this? One alternative I’m looking at is reparenting in script but still I think it would be ideal to have alternative ways to reparent in the editor…

I don’t think the editor provides functionality to do those things, but there is one cool feature that might help you parent things easier.

If you look closely at the top of the hierarchy tab, you can see a small search bar. If you type the name of an object, anything not matching your search is not displayed in the hierarchy, and it’s grayed out in the scene view ( which I think is super cool ).

Also, when you use the search bar, if you double click an object in the hierarchy, then when you cancel the search (by clicking the little “x” in the search bar), then the object will still be selected in the hierarchy and any parents of that object will be expanded out. I think that last part will definitely help you sort through a complex hierarchy faster.

Here’s an official Unity tutorial video explaining this: