Alternative to linerenderer for Tower Defence path display

Right now I have a linerenderer that will display the current path enemies take across tiles:

however Ideally i’d have the image, instead of facing the camera, be flat on the ground facing upwards.

I know that with the linerenderer this isn’t possible. Any suggestions as to what I could use?
I can imagine using a bunch of planes with the texture on top of it but that wont give the smooth crossovers that the line renderer gives on the corners.

Anyone any ideas? cheers in advance :slight_smile:

Hi !
I think you can set the alignement option to 1 and rotate your line renderer according to your ground.

Interesting, what version of unity are you using? Im running 5.5.1f1 currently
Within the alignment i only have 2 options, view, which gave the previous effect, and local, which does not seem to give anything close to a desired result.