Alternative to projector for use on mobile device

Hi, i was wondering if anyone knows of a good alternative to the built in projector for creating shadows in game. I have 8 objects that move constantly and go up and down slopes. The projection works great on desktop, but on mobile even 2 of these projectors kills the game(due to the large single textured landscape i presume).

Is there a good shader that anyone knows of that doesnt need to redraw the texture below the projection? I believe that is what causes the problem, though i may be wrong as i am no shader expert.

Any other alternatives are greatly appreciated, since the game is lacking without the shadows. Thanks in advance!

The problem is that projectors cover the entire meshes they hit, but as the texture is clamped, you can only see it inside the projector bounds. If you have one big mesh as your landscape each projector hitting this mesh will cause the entire mesh to be rendered again with the projector shader. Try giving the projectors a regular shader with a tiling texture and you will see how it actually works.

Perhaps try using mesh decals. Why not give a go?