Alternative to using prefabs w/scripts to save sets of data for use at runtime?

I really like building instances of classes using the Inspector through a prefab. The benefits are numerous, and the code behind instantiation is clean. However, the only way (that I know of) to create an instance of the class is by creating a new GameObject when the class inherits from MonoBehaviour. Is there another way I can save instances of modified scripts edited through the inspector without inheriting from MonoBehaviour? Or, is there an easier way to create a copy of the referenced class as a new object while MonoBehaviour is inherited without creating a GameObject? I know that Unity doesn’t like it when you declare a new Class():MonoBehavior, so creating a deep copy would also be another near impossibility.

public class AbilityMovement : MonoBehaviour
    public string Name;
    internal Quaternion FacingDirection;
    public AnimationCurve DirectionX;
    public AnimationCurve DirectionY;
    public AnimationCurve DirectionZ;
    internal Vector3 DirectionalMovement;
    public float Force;
    internal float VerticalSpeed;
    public float Lifetime;
    internal float RemainingLifetime;

    public class AbilityInstance
        public AbilityMovement Ability;
        public AbilityInstance(AbilityMovement ability, Quaternion facingVectorDirection)
               Ability = Instantiate<AbilityMovement>(ability);

ScriptableObjects. they are like containers for exactly that.

  • scripts become modular
  • save them
  • load them
  • read them easily
  • no more hard referencing variables in your scripts

If your interested seeing whats possible with them, here is a online game i made: LEGENDS OF MLG [online] by MUT
password is lol.

youtube tutorial on them