Alternative to vector graphics for 2D

Is it realistically possible to create AAA quality graphics across multiple platforms using Unity 2D? From what I understand, Unity doesn’t support vector graphics. Aren’t they required to get really high quality across all of the various screen resolutions today, without having to create some massive package that contains different size images for every resolution possible?

I know if all I wanted to target was iPhone 5, or a PC (and somehow force to one resolution) I could follow this forum post to get a pixel-perfect display.

I want to create a game like “Cut the Rope”, just one screen, the user cannot pan or zoom, and I want super crisp (pixel perfect) images, not stretched/scaled images like everything I’ve seen in Unity (including the 2D demo by Unity). The scene/level needs to fit exactly the same on every screen, like “Cut the Rope”.

I don’t imagine anyone knows if Cut the Rope uses vector graphics or not, but if not, how else could they do that? Only target a few devices, or create dozens of sizes?

@Hi shopgui - Unity Answers and Unity Forums are each designed for different questions. UA is designed for a single, specific technical question in which you get one or more proposed solutions. You then pick a ‘right’ solution. We ask that discussion questions and design questions be asked on Unity forums. Their discussion format is a much better fit for these kinds of questions. When you have a specific implementation question, this is the place to ask your question.

Also I thing the solution to your problem depends on the situation. In many/most circumstances authoring to the highest resolution and then scaling is just fine. In addition, in some situations perfect half scale images seems to be nearly identical to full scale images at 1/4 the memory size. And there may be more vector-like solutions for some graphics using a custom mesh.