AltTrees System [WIP] [AssetStore]

Hello! :)

AltTrees - an alternative system of trees for Unity. Supports SpeedTree, Tree Creator and meshes.

Current version: Beta.

Asset Store - 15$
The starting price - $ 10. With updates the price will grow up to $ 30.

- LOD system
- Billboards fast system
- CrossFade transitions LODs
- Import trees SpeedTree, Tree Creator and meshes
- Import/export of trees to/from Unity Terrain
- Planting trees on the Terrain and any other meshes
- Easy editing of trees
- Hue variations
- Rotation of the trees around the Y axis
- And much more...

It is planned:
- Infinite World
- Planting of several types of trees with one hand
- Change the quality of shader graphics during game
- Edit and save the trees during the game
- Storing data in a file (in the user's disk, a server, ...) to save the changes
- Changes of trees on the network
- Lightmapping
- Rotation of the trees around all axes
Documentation(Video Tutorials)


Sorry for my English! If you notice an error - please tell me.:roll_eyes:


This looks very promising!

This looks like a dream come true! Need a beta tester? I have a scene with many thousands of trees that I could try it out on :)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

May be in the future.:wink:

Is it the same LOD distance for both in the video? Cause the popping in your version is very visible but not that visible at all in the unity version.

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That's a pretty impressive difference in performance there. One thing that would really help sell me on this product would be if it included a tool to convert existing trees painted with Unity's tree system into your system so that it could be easily applied to existing projects without having to repaint all the trees.

This is a beta version for testing performance. The final version will be more beautiful.:wink:

Yes, you can convert “Terrain => AltTrees” and “AltTrees => Terrain”.


Nice work, it can really help improving some games quality :)

Thank you!:slight_smile:

New video!

AltTrees [beta 0.9.2]. Demonstration: planting trees, editing …

this is very interesting. what about shadows? i mean the results will be with same numbers or present of shadows will overkill all idea?

in last video i see shadows on trees but can you make a video like first one but with shadows?

will this work for mobile too ? i got most of speed trees mobile pack and could not use them because of performance.

The new video will be later. Now I made a few screenshots, please see:

Quality: Fantastic, 100k trees
window 933x1050 px:

fullscreen 1680x1050 px:

I make AAA system for PC and consoles. Maybe mobile will work better, but I do not guarantee it. Maybe in the future I will make a version for mobile, but I do not promise.


Your solution looks very impressive, and is definitely something we would be interested in.
I do have one question tho. Will it be possible to place the trees using script in the editor? In the project we work on, most of the time we have trees (dummies, regular models) done by architects inside CAD software. We just take this data (position, tree type, etc) and inject this into unity terrain. If your system would support similar thing, it would be perfect solution for us. Not only allowing easy editing of already placed trees, but also better performance.

Can't wait to get my hands on this.
I am looking into using SpeedTree but damn, the performance issues kill me when I set my camera outside of the first village up to the near forrest with only around 40-60 trees.

Such a possibility would be, but not in the beta version. IPA will be available in the release version.

Coming soon:)

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Cheers, i will follow your progress. Best wishes

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how is it going there?

All is well! Soon there will be a new video.

New video!

AltTrees [beta 0.9.4]. Test: 100.000 Trees and 3.000.000 Objects(bushes, flowers, mushrooms, etc...)
[All trees and objects - SpeedTree]


hmm, 25 fps for just a standard terrain and mostly billboards is not really fast i would say.
the number of placed objects of course seems to be crazy – but i wonder who would do so / need this:
a 8x8 km terrain should probably be chunked and use streaming.
right now it looks as if most cpu resources a spent on culling 3mio objects of which only a few are visible.