Always ask to updating android SDK

Hello guys, i need your help.

I trying using unity to build android augmented reality apps, i use vuforia. On my scene, it’s okay but when i try to build & run, it say, i have to updating android sdk. I click update, but it’s not working and always ask to update again.

thanks for your answer.

Ahh yeah see the trick is… it’s really annoying… and it happens all the time.

The latest working version for me is 19. I’ve tried every other version and 19 is the magic one that works. Updating to any other one causes aapt.exe to crash, and using 19 causes this update advice message to come up every time…

I had the same exact issue today and was able to fix it following this topic.
Also if you wanted to update any part of SDK manually (offline) for any reason you may find these links useful.
Android SDK offline download links generator
Index of /files/android

Watch out for the JDK version issue too. some reason java JDK 9 doesn’t currently work with Unity :frowning:

problem fixed here : Fix Android SDK is outdated | update android sdk unity - YouTube