Always Show Distant Objects?

Hi there!

I placed an object as well as some terrain outside my actual game space to be part of the backdrop however I realized a few issues:

Once the game camera reaches the furthest areas of the map, the far clip starts to consume the distant objects. Also the objects shadows won’t show because of the shadow draw distance being set to a reasonable number.

Is their some way to have these background object always visible along with their shadows with out setting the scene settings extremely high?

Thank you :slight_smile:

The best way I’ve found is to render twice.

You have a background camera that just renders the low-res background. Set it’s z-clip to, say, 100-100000 (good rule of thumb is to make your far clip 1000x your near clip).

Then set up your foreground camera to clear depth only and render after your background camera. Use your normal z-clip, but make sure the far clip is just beyond your far camera’s near clip. If they’re the same, there will be a seam (actually there will be a seam anyway for transparent bits like water, but there are ways to mitigate that).

Then simply make sure your far camera matches the position and rotation of your near camera each frame.

This technique is trickier in VR, but for single-camera setups, it tends to work quite nicely.