Am i doing this right? Finding the right directory

I am trying to find the public external storage patch on Android devices. I run the following code;
On desktop this gives me C:/ on android it gives me /
So now i run the following code and trying to get the public storage directory.
I am going up 4 times and then it gives me /storage/sdcard0 which is what i want. Now i think that if am doing this right? I mean does unity always and always has the following directory for persistent data patch ?
if soo whould this give me the public storage directory every time and on every android phone?

What are you trying to achieve?

Application.persistentDataPath is an abstraction that should provide you with a persistent data path on Android (as well as other platforms).

From the documentation page (persistentDataPath):

When publishing on iOS and Android,
persistentDataPath will point to a
public directory on the device. Files
in this location won’t be erased with
each update of the App. However, you
should bear in mind that this is not
foolproof against users’ actions. For
example, removing the SD Card would
make data stored on it inaccessible.

So, using this should give you a path for storing persistent data for your game.